First Post… and clean up.

Who are you?

I’m an amateur at this blogging thing, and frankly, we will see how much time I have to spend on it.  Just in case you are only as observant as one of my roommates, my name is John, and well, I am an architect.  I live in the quiet city of Boston, though, if you watch movies lately, you would think gun battles between the mob and cops happens every 3 hours or so.  The mob wishes it was this strong, and the cops wish they were in that kind of shape.

Well I am gainfully employed, full time and a half, so it seems, architect.  I have a pretty sweet job where I touch on pretty much all areas of the design process, which is pretty awesome given my relatively young age.  Most of my work revolves around brick mill buildings.  Really old ones.  I love them, and I will refer to them often.  Being in New England, particularly in Northeast Massachusetts, I have seen my fair share of them.

So what’s this all about?

Design.  Architecture is my expertise (I say this in a very humbling manner.  Architecture is an old man’s profession.  It takes years to be a competent architect, or at least my idea of one.  So to say that it is my expertise, it is because I know more about architecture than any other design, and not that I am an expert, I haven’t reached that age yet.) , but I will certainly not leave out any other design oriented profession or opinion.

Why does this look like crap?

Why… because  I am learning about WordPress still.  Keep your pants on, it will get better in time.

Will there be pictures?

Well this post is in the area of 400 words.  If a picture is worth 1000 words, I can save myself a lot of time by adding a few of those.  Short answer, yes.  Also, design is a very visually stimulating field, and sometimes, words just don’t cut it.

Why am I still reading this?

Probably because I am awesome, and you are awesome, and we will all have one big awesome time.  There will be more to come as I get settled down into this format.


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